Eclipse Tools Telecom & Networking Tool Kit PK-1938M2

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Computer & Networking
Surveillance Systems Content
Installation & Maintenance

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Product Overview

  • Computer & Networking
  • Surveillance Systems Content
  • Installation & Maintenance


Long Nose Plier (5.2 in.) Alignment Tool (200mm/2.0mm)
Diagonal Cutting Plier (4.3 in.) Cable Tie
Dual Color Side CuttingPlier (6.5 in.) Wrist Strap 10FT
Reverse Action Tweezer (Self-Gripping) (6.5 in.) Precision Wire Stripper(AWG 30/28/26/24/22/20)
Super Fine Tip Straight Tweezer (4.7 in.) Krone Impact Terminal Toolwith lock
Spring Hook (x2) 4P/6P/8P Telecom Crimping Tool (7.5 in.)
Pro-Soft Screwdriver (-3.0 3.0x75mm) Universal Stripping Tool (UTP/STP, RG-59/6/7/11)
Pro-Soft Screwdriver (+#0 3.0x75mm) 7.5”Coax Connectors CrimpingTool
Pro-Soft Screwdriver (-5 5x75mm) Utility Knife (3 Blades Self Loading)
Pro-Soft Screwdriver (+#1 5x75mm) Measuring Tape (3M/10FT)
Pro-Soft Screwdriver (+#2 6x100mm) 8Pcs Folding Hex Key Set(1.5,2,2.5,3,4,5,6,8mm)
Pro-Soft Screwdriver T06H 3.0x50mm Bulb Blower W/Brush
Pro-Soft Screwdriver T07H 3.0x50mm Inspection Mirror
Pro-Soft Screwdriver T08H 3.0x50mm Multi-Purpose Shears
Pro-Soft Screwdriver T09H 3.0x50mm Top Pallet For 1PK-1900N series
Pro-Soft Screwdriver T10H 3.0x75mm Pallet For 1PK-1938 series
Pro-Soft Screwdriver T15H 4.0x75mm Deluxe Aluminum Frame Tool Case
Pro-Soft Screwdriver 5mm Pro-Soft Screwdriver 6mm


Weight 23.3 lbs
Brand Eclipse Tools
Model PK-1938M2
Product Condition New

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  • Telecom & Networking Tool Kit
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